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"Drs. Bassett, Wallace, Selner and Taylor are the best team of professionals in the health care environment that I have ever been around. They treat you with kindness and respect. Their customer service is out of this world. In general, I feel that the medical industry has lost touch with taking care of people. Not Drs. Bassett, Wallace, Selner and Taylor.... They get an A+. They are fantastic from head-to-toe."

"I LOVE coming here. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else for my dental care. Thanks so much for everything you all do!"
Cindy H.

"With six new veneers, when I smile, the world smiles back. Thanks for the great service! It is truly wonderful to be taken care of by a "pro.""

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"I would describe my visit as visiting "The Tooth Spa." From when I walked in the office, the serene relaxed setting and the warm welcome from the staff made it very pleasant. My experience with the hygienists was wonderful. The doctor's explanation of things was very easy to understand and made so much sense. You have a very professional and friendly environment. Thank you."
Glenda C.

"We've always had great service, and would highly recommend your office to anyone looking for dental work. Great dentists and staff."
Wendy R.

"Best dentist practice I've ever experienced! They provide a comprehensive plan for my dental care that tops any service I've ever had. The plan was easy to understand and logical. The whole practice really cares about each individual patient's needs."
Mark B.

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"I see DAN SELNER and Lisa. I would NEVER consider going to see anyone else. I am a MAJOR BABY and they always make sure that I am comfortable and pain-free. I completely trust Dan and Lisa and feel that I've gotten the best care possible in Denver. The assistants are also amazing as well. They know when to talk with me to keep me calm and even occasionally just stroke my shoulder. You all are the BEST! I have recommended Dan Selner and Lisa to a friend who is also very fearful of going to the dentist."
Melinda B.

"Dr. Taylor, Thank you so much for taking such good care of me & my tooth today. I know from my past experiences as a dental assistant that it was a difficult tooth - to say the least. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, Dr. Taylor. You are great; your skill & terrific "chairside" manner were much appreciated."
Diane H.

"This is the best dental practice I've ever been to. I will continue to have my dental work done here and recommend you to everyone!"

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"I am so pleased with the amazing service and staff of your office. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely kind and thoughtful. I LOVE my new teeth and it was the best place to have my new smile created. I could not believe it when my favorite assistant came in on her day off for my final veneer cementation. That was amazing! Thank you, Thank you!"

"I have always been more than pleased with the care I have received. I have been coming to this dental group for years and I look forward to it every six months. You are truly caring, kind, and fun people and do EXCELLENT work. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
Barbara G.

"Best dental staff EVER - everyone is friendly yet professional. Actually look FORWARD TO coming in."
Edie K.

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"Who would have thought I would love going to the dentist! It is a whole new world. You are a wonderful group."

"Extremely competent at every turn, friendly, warm, efficient. You know: same ol', same ol' (for this place!)"
Bill C.

"By far the most professional dentistry practice I've ever used. You are the best!"
Bill P.

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"First class dental practice in every way." Janet B.

"I've been a patient since 1972 and think there is no better dental office and staff in the Denver metro area."
Larry D.

"Your office is the most relaxed, friendly and efficient place for dentistry. Everything (décor and equipment) is always up to date and state of the art. I don't think I've ever met anyone there that wasn't top notch and professional. I have always been made to feel welcome and received the best possible care. I can't imagine going anywhere else. It's THE place to go!"
Cindy S.

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"I have had an amazing experience with you guys. After several "dud" dentists it's a refreshing and positive experience going to your office."
Sean H.

"Dentist's chairs have made me tense up in panic for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, I took a co-worker's suggestion and switched to Drs. Bassett, Wallace, Selner & Taylor. Nobody else will ever touch my teeth again. The staffs, from the front office to the chair, are unfailingly gracious and skilled. Under their care, I went from a guy who would try to tear the armrests off at the merest poke to a guy who can laugh and joke through a cleaning. My most recent visit was the highlight of my day, due in no small part to my hygienist, who is exceedingly gentle and has a wry sense of humor to boot. If you're a wuss about dentistry, this is your place of refuge. Everywhere else I've ever been is a butcher shop by comparison. "

"Dr. Taylor is hands-down the best dentist I have ever visited. Her exemplary skills are a true reflection of her meticulous attention to detail, her unequaled experience, and her love for people. If you want perfection in dentistry, don't go anywhere else; Dr. Andrea Taylor is the ultimate" Joni A.

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"As another dentist in the Denver area, I am writing this review to let the world know that Dr. Bassett is a world renowned occlusion (bite) specialist. He travels throughout the world teaching other dentists everything he can. He is a dentist's dentist. You will not find a better practice in the state of Colorado."

"I'm writing to commend you. I am feeling much better and headed to what I hope will be a full and speedy recovery. Organizations of all sizes are differentiated not by what they say, but by what their people do. Nothing could have impressed me more than the way Dr. Andrea Taylor cared for me.
Andrea Taylor is a healer. From the moment we met, she took a deep and abiding interest in my oral health and in finding a solution in as painless and as expeditious means possible. And I was neither a regular patient of hers nor one even scheduled in advance that day. Dr. Taylor did her very best and when she felt she'd surpassed the limits of her substantial knowledge and expertise, she confidently sought second opinions. These are hallmarks of a true professional.
I can't thank Andrea enough. I can do my work anywhere in the U.S. It took a toothache to allow me to meet Dr. Taylor and that was enough to make me seriously consider moving to Denver. Yes, she's that good.
Thank you to Dr. Andrea. Kind regards,"

"Kind, detailed oriented, and technologically advanced. This is the modern day dentist for the modern day world. He's got all the latest gizmos and a personality that removes patient apprehension from the experience. Dr. Wallace is no longer on my dental insurance plan, yet I pay a small amount out-of-pocket to continue to have the privilege of seeing him. He and his staff are definitely worth it."
Todd D.

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"I was in car accident and lost my front tooth, Dr. Wallace was able to replace it with an implant. It looks great! You would never know that it is a fake tooth. I cannot believe how painless the procedure was. I would definitely spend the money and do it again. Thank you Dr. Wallace!"

"Dr. Selner is the most humble, down-to-earth dentist I have ever met. He will treat you with kindness from the bottom of his heart. Wonderful practice!"

"Dear Dr. "Bass", you saved my sanity. I cannot believe I suffered with headaches for 15 years before I found you. I have been to chiropractors, ENTs, physical therapy; the list goes on and on. You and your TMJ knowledge are amazing - You found the cure. Thank you so very much,"

"I'll admit- I chose this dentist during a moment I felt hideously guilty for not having been to a dentist, and choosing one I could walk to. But Dr. Selner has proven to be a great dentist for me. Not only the office walking distance from my office in the tech center, and just so easy really to get to from anywhere, he is professional, friendly, and, most important, gentle in his practices. I have had four fillings with Dr. Selner (due to no fault of his own, it had been two long years between visits and I'd been unemployed and uninsured... lesson learned, you gotta make it every six months or pay the consequences). And each time, he was very cool, very sweet, and has been able to numb me up carefully and with very minimal pain. He's probably not the cheapest dentist in Denver, but I think his kindness and honesty is worth the price."
Sarah C.

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